COVID-19 Mask Support 

If you're a healthcare provider inquiring face masks & healthcare materials, please contact us at or click here.

The Ermelinda Manos design studio has taken immediate action in supporting our local Las Vegas first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Despite our studio being closed & all designs put on hold, we are currently using our in-house manufacturing facility, with all of our current fabric inventory towards face mask donations. We drafted our custom pattern, with the approval of health care workers for the best fit, comfort & quality fabric to mass produce face masks & healthcare materials for our local first responders that are fighting tirelessly for our community.

We are  following  guidelines in taking safe precautions to ensure safety during our in studio production process by practicing  safe social distancing, frequent hand washing & sterilization of our space and equipment to mask & glove wearing during our deliveries.

We are accepting donations that will help towards our mask donation mission. 100% of all donations will go towards our studio in which will continue supporting us in purchasing more fabrics & materials, maintaining sterilization of our studio and sewing equipment as well as supporting our team in producing more face masks to our local first responders. All donations will receive a receipt and acknowledgment for supporting us, in supporting our community.